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Happy National Banana Bread Day

I was just downloading the 2013 holiday schedule so I can map out my food writing for the year when a friend called to check in.  He mildly suggested that I look into the same schedule for food.  It’s good to have smart friends…  In fact this week I missed National Margarita Day. It’s not my favorite cocktail, but just to know that in advance might have spurred a gathering at a favorite Mexican joint or a pop up taco party or something.  Alas, I shall wait until next year and celebrate other food holidays for the next 364 days, give or take a few.

The best part of checking the food holiday schedule today is I am a “whore” (Don’t get it twisted or take out of context people; it is said only for this food combination!) for anything banana and dark chocolate (…and January 10th was National Bittersweet Chocolate Day too…damn!).  There are myriad permutations of this but none more satisfying than simple banana bread.

As much of a zealot as I am about this divine, orgasmic morsel I have not made it…yet!  I have relied on store/bakery bought versions and mostly my childhood friend, Nnenna, to put her foot up in it every time.  Though she puts walnuts in her loaf (not a fan) she will occasionally omit them just for moi!  Thank you girl!

My most recent memorable banana bread of late came from a little shop in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, called Morning Glory Farms.  Amongst the awesome produce there is a plethora of items they bake in their kitchen.  One of these items is banana bread.  No disrespect to my girl, but it was the best damn banana bread I have ever had.

It was moist, banana-y, right amount of salt to counteract the sweetness of ripe bananas.   I bought two loaves to carry back to the city and two banana chocolate chip muffins to tide me over while still on island.  Once I got the loaves home I wrapped one tightly and in a freezer bag pressing out the air.  The other one didn’t stand a chance…

….though you cannot see me right now I am pausing because I am about to admit my over-the-toppedness…for breakfast I would cut half-inch thick slices, toast them and…gulp…liberally butter them…HEAVEN!!!  With a cup of Twinnings Lady Grey tea with milk and sugar – you couldn’t tell me nothing!  



Thank goodness for my waistline the banana bread debauchery ended though, while cleaning out my freezer recently, I found half a loafcowering in the back.  I doubt it is still good…Martha’s Vineyard was two summers ago.  DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!!!

So in celebration of National Banana Bread Day and in tribute to my potentially frostbitten coveted remnants (to be tried tomorrow for breakfast) I say thank you now and forever.  I will try my hand at making you sooner than later.

The next banana related food holiday?  March 2nd!  It’s National Banana Cream Pie Day!  I will be prepared for that one as I don’t have an errant slice lurking in my freezer.

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