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Got Brisket…early?


Passover is just around the corner and for those that like to be ahead of the game either because they have too much going on or because they need it “just so” some will buy their brisket early…maybe too early.

Following is a recent text exchange with a client that inspired this post:

CLIENT: Question. I bought my brisket today and it had a sell by date of 3/24. I’m not planning to cook it until 3/25. Should I freeze it? It will it be ok in my meat drawer until Monday AM (3/25) when I will cook it?

SCHOP! Girl: I would wash and brine it today for a day or two (Friday), marinate it for a day (Saturday) and then cook it (Saturday or Sunday). Let it cool completely, remove the brisket, reserving cooled sauce, slice against the grain (or keep whole until Monday) and store all. Night of, bring meat to room temperature and reheat sauce on the stove top adding meat to the hot sauce to reheat. Serve sliced meat on a platter, pour sauce over the top.

Frees you up to focus on other dishes on Monday!

C: I would do that if I were here but I’m going to Miami tomorrow back Sunday night.

S!G: What time do you leave tomorrow and what time do you get back on Sunday?

7am flt. Arrive 11pm Sunday.


Ok. If you feel more comfortable to freeze it just season it good! Just that its going to need a minute to thaw when you return.

Or make it now and store and reheat like I suggested on Monday.

Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m wondering if I can just leave it in the fridge

Did you get it from Harlem Shambles?

No. I bought it at Fairway.

What’s the expiration?

Sell by date is 3/24–Sunday

I say make it. Then you can just focus on the sides and other stuff.

True. I bought 2 brisket b/c we have dinner Monday night and dinner tues with the kids. I may go ahead and make one tonight and then make the 2nd one later.


So, once I cook the brisket , you think it’s ok in the fridge until Monday.

Think you should cool it completely, slice it and freeze it. Thaw all parts overnight Sunday and reheat from above.

…and scene…

While I don’t know the exact recipe this client is using for her brisket, I am reminded of an off-holiday brisket I made for the sole reason of not wasting the brine of the most delicious Rick’s Picks Smokra. People, if you love okra, you will adore this pickled variety with smoked Spanish paprika. If you don’t love okra, buy it for the brine alone. It’s a little costly at $10 but worth it which is why I wasn’t letting any part of it go to waste (thanks for the recommendation on the label Rick!).

This is how it goes…

To reinforce my recommendation to my client about preparing ahead and reheating the meat in the sauce, the photos below are from one of SCHOP!’s fun events.

On the menu among mac-n-cheese bites and oven baked fries were BBQ brisket sliders (…they were so good!). The meat was prepared the day before (shredded instead of sliced in this case) and reheated in BBQ sauce and the pan gravy. Served on brioche buns with home made hot and cold slaws…brisket isn’t just for the holidays anymore.

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