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Bit by The Bite


What is being in the Vineyard without seeing a sunset in Menemsha? After waiting for some fried seafood at The Bite (29 Basin Road) for half an hour and missing it, it turns out not seeing the sunset is delicious!

Obviously the fried shrimp was a “winnah” because they were out of it, but the fried clams and scallops and the “chowdah” (that was my last dialect stab) would have to do. And do, it did!

The chowder was the perfect consistency, thick but not too thick with chunks of potato and copious quahogs. There was something unique about the flavor of this chowder however. It tasted more oniony than the traditional which brought a sweetness to the briney clam flavor. Maybe it was that there was no wait for the chowder, but yum!

I do love a fried clam, sometimes with the belly, most times without. These were with the bellies, well battered and respectable. But the scallops…those scallops were delicious. Wouldn’t have even considered them if there were shrimp. Thinly covered in a seasoned batter and gently fried just enough to warm it and make it not raw. Moist and addictive, those scallops could have been eaten all night. Though at those prices I would have to think long and hard about it.

I must say though, as good as it was, a 25-minute wait for fried food is ridiculous. Maybe that is just on Saturday sunsets. Get there early if that’s the case. Perhaps we will give it another try during the week to see if we have immediate gratification. More scallops please!

Lobster roll, I am still coming for you!

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