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Been a long time…apologies!

It has been too too long since my last post. I apologize for my absence. I also apologize for the brevity of this post. It serves mostly to restart the engine. I promised myself that I MUST get back on the wagon by May 1st, also my birthday month.

Obviously it is not like I haven’t been eating or cooking. In fact I shook off the winter blues with a dynamite spring dinner with friends Lisa, Doug and Dana. Our menu was simple, delicious and accented all the hope of the impending season starting with charcuterie, then herb panko crusted wild fish


…and ending with Lisa’s Guinness cake!


It was a great meal. I’ll hit you with the deets sooner than you know…

There has also been other food thangs a-brewin’ – ideas, products, tv shows, restaurants, eateries and experiences – that I must share. So please stay tuned, thanks for your support and for being a subscriber to Talking SCHOP!

Much respect, Kysha

#dinner #Spring

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