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A New Candy Habit…Naturally

Last week when traipsing through Whole Foods at Columbus Circle and stumbling upon a beer haven in the process I was fortunate to also find a table near the sushi bar with a friendly team member. He was offering what turned out to be some great grocery items for only $1 to support the Whole Planet Foundation initiative, helping to supply micro loans to women entrepreneurs around the word. What a great reason, though not too many people came up to the table at the request to donate money. I am so glad I did give for the obvious reasons, but also because in return I received the opportunity to try my new candy habit at 50% off…

Perched on the armrest of my couch, this is not the prettiest shot as it had been living in my bag all day. Next time I will bubble-wrap it until I sink my teeth into it.

The gateway opened to Justin’s All Natural candy bars from the same maker of Justin’s All Natural nut butters.  My $1 got me the dark chocolate with peanuts, nougat and caramel.  I am so glad he didn’t have the almond version because this one is the only reason I am writing this entry.  It is as if a fresh Snickers bar and 3 Musketeers bar had a dark chocolate love child.  I haven’t felt this way about a natural candy bar since Newman’s Own dark chocolate peanut butter cups (original packaging).  Every bite was so satisfying that I began to fantasize about the other varieties including their peanut butter cups.

On my next visit I picked up the almond bar which only comes in milk chocolate. I am a dark chocolate kinda gal, but I hoped it would do the trick.  I let it sit in the freezer for a moment less it become the same mess as the peanut one.  It was good..but needs a little more salt to balance the sweetness of the milk chocolate and to bring out the flavor of the almonds.  Ironically, I would stick to a Mars bar when this itch needs to be scratched.


Overall, if it is a natural candy bar you seek with great memories of the conventional ones you grew up with, this is the bar for you.  Dark chocolate peanut butter cups, you better look out and be ready for a spell in my freezer!

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